Ultimate museum nights

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Ultimate museum nights

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Visiting a museum is always inspiring. But at night everything really comes to life ...

Singapore Zoo, Singapore

A multimedia immersion from 7 p.m. to midnight at Singapore Zoo. Follow the spectacularly lit activity path while you play a character like Waja the Pangs and see the rainforest in a completely different light. rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg

© Offered by Lonely Planet Ultimate Museum Nights Natural History Museum, London

Why should only children have fun? The Natural History Museum regularly organizes Dino Snores for adults only with a three-course menu, live music, cocktails and a pub quiz before the participants crawl into their sleeping bags under the skeleton of a blue whale. nhm.ac.uk

© Offered by Lonely Planet Ultimate Museum Nights Novium, Chichester

When this museum on Roman history closes, fun for children starts during group nights. There are various themes, including Neanderthal Night and Sleepanova - an evening inspired by Tim Peake, a local, where children build a space station. thenovium.org

Opening image: Moment Factory / Wildlife Reserves Singapore