Unique overnight stay in Slovenia: camping, glamping and crazy guesthouses

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Unique overnight stay in Slovenia: camping, glamping and crazy guesthouses

© Lonely Planet Unique stay in Slovenia: camping, glamping and crazy guesthouses

With its natural beauty and breathtaking scenery, Slovenia is not without reason a book for a nice, green travel destination. To complement this nationwide attraction, unique and eye-catching accommodations are popping up like mushrooms.

How about a night in a giant wine barrel, a futuristic chalet or a former prison cell? All of these options can tempt you into a journey that is completely arranged to fall asleep in a different spectacular stay every night.

The luxury of an eco-resort in Bled < / h2>

Garden Village Bled is just a five minute walk from the south bank of the fairytale Lake Bled. This eco-resort is fully equipped to minimize the ecological footprint and even offers charging stations for electric cars. Wooden walkways lead you to three different types of accommodation. The cheapest option is a "scaffolding tent," suitable for two people, where you sleep above a stream full of trout. Traveling with the family? Tree houses or safari-style tents are a child-friendly alternative. The tents are equipped with a private hot tub and a vegetable garden. To complete the picture the resort has a swimming pool and an organic restaurant full of plants.

If you like this, try the stylish Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno, close to the breathtakingly beautiful Logarska Dolina (Logar Valley).

© Offered by Pijper Publishing BV Unique overnight stay in Slovenia: camping, glamping and crazy guesthouses

Sleeping in a wine barrel in Ptuj

In the east of Slovenia you will find the historic Ptuj, very conveniently located near some wine regions. Wine production in Slovenia is often surprising for tourists and Camping Terme Ptuj uses it in a playful way. At this campsite you can sleep in large wooden wine barrels. Part of the campsite is reserved for the "wine barrel village", where you can find eight of these cozy accommodations. The barrels consist of nothing more than a double bed and a small window.

If you like this: Also try Camping Bled, near Lake Bled, where part of the camping is reserved for cute A-shaped cabins. Some of these cabins are equipped with a private hot tub.

Spend the night in a prison cell in Ljubljana

In the heart of Metelkova Mesto, an alternative neighborhood in Ljubljana where you will find many art galleries and music venues, is the colorful, historic Celica Hostel. This former military prison (built in 1882) has been transformed into a hostel: twenty cells were redesigned and decorated by local and international artists, but the bars for the windows and doors remained. If you want to spend the night in a normal room, you can. In addition, there are facilities such as cheap meals, common areas and social events that are attractive for backpackers, for example.

If you like this, try the super creative MCC Hostel in Celje.

Breathtaking views of the So?a Valley

The literal translation of Nebesa is "heaven," an appropriate name for these four chalets at the end of a winding road - about nine kilometers south of Kobarid. The chalets offer beautiful views of the So?a valley. Each chalet is suitable for two people and has a small fitted kitchen and a terrace. There is also a communal house with a kitchen, a wine cellar and saunas. The owner's daughter and son-in-law run the renowned restaurant Hiša Franko, which is located west of Kobarid and where a meal can be reserved.

If you like this: Try Pristava Lepena, a beautiful residential complex in the valley between Bovec and Trenta.

Underground in the Vipava Valley

The fertile The wine regions of the Vivapa Valley are ideally suited for a tour. The idyllic landscape will surprise you, as will the culinary delicacies that you encounter there. Majerija is the perfect base in this valley, both because of the excellent restaurant and the striking accommodation. To preserve the collection of historic buildings, orchards and vineyards, the owners chose to build underground. The result is a dozen rooms that are located under the herb garden. These simple yet stylish rooms are decorated with handmade furniture, skylights above the bed and a recurring herbal theme. The rooms are named after lavender, basil and other plants that grow above ground.

Relaxed camping on the coast

Slovenia has only 47 kilometers of coastline, which is completely built. This makes it difficult to find an authentic and, above all, quiet place to spend the night. Apart from Kaki Plac then. This is a small, quiet site, hidden in the forests of Lucija on the outskirts of Portorož. The place is named after the trees that grow there. You can set up your own tent here or rent one: some are set up under a thatched roof and include bed linen. There is also a communal dining area and you can rent bikes for free.

If you like this: Also try Adrenaline Check Eco Place. A nice, car-free campsite in a picturesque area just outside of Bovec. Here too you can rent tents under a canopy.

© Offered by Pijper Publishing BV Unique overnight stay in Slovenia: camping, glamping and crazy guesthouses

Off-the-grid camping in Kranjska Gora

If you just don't want the lusts and burdens of the 21st century (such as electricity and wifi), then you are at the Natura Eco Camp outside Kranjska Gora the right adress. This campsite is a paradise for alpinists and is located on the Italian and Austrian borders. The terrain is a green open meadow, where you can set up your own tent or rent a safari tent. If you want to go for a really special alternative: tree houses in the form of water droplets. These tents are accessible with a wooden staircase and literally hang on the trees, with mattresses on a wooden platform in the pod. A cute outdoor kitchen, vegetable garden and horse pasture add even more charm to the scene.

If you like this: Also try Camp Korita in the So?a valley, with hanging tents and glamping cabins.

Futuristic chalets in Bela Krajina

In the undervalued southern corner of Slovenia, in a tiny village called Bodlog ( 8 km from the regional center of ?rnomelj), lies Glamping Maleri?. The place consists of four futuristic chalets adjacent to a swimming pool and is the perfect base for a family vacation. Each chalet is stylishly and compactly furnished, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen facilities and a living room.

Glamping with the whole family near Brežice

The gigantic Terme ?atež wellness and holiday complex is filled to the brim with indoor and outdoor water parks, wellness facilities, saunas and accommodation. You do not have to be here during the high season (July and August), because it is full of families and pleasure makers here. The associated campsite welcomes everyone, but in particular attracts families with the tempting range of glamping options. There is an Indian village with tipis for four people, a covered covered quad for four people and a Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is built in the camping lake and consists of a dozen bungalows.

If you like this: Also try Kamp Koren in Kobarid, with many family-friendly options and fantastic forest huts. < / p>

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