Vans sneaker is viral about color difference

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Vans sneaker is viral about color difference

© Grazia Vans-sneaker is viral about color difference

A Vans-sneaker was the center of attention last week. Not because it is a newly-released sneaker or a special edition, but because nobody seems to agree on the color of the shoe.

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We have another one: a clothing item that cannot be decided on what color it is. A few years ago 'The Dress' led to a worldwide discussion.

According to one party the dress was black with blue, while the other party really saw clear gold with white. Now another item has turned up and this time it's a Vans sneaker.

Color difference

Green with gray or white with pink? Another long discussion that nobody seems to agree on. But despite the fact that we cannot agree with each other, there is an explanation for the color difference. The sneakers are namely white with pink. The photo is made in blue light, so for some it seems that the sneakers are green with gray. Ah!

For anyone who can't decide what color the Vans are ...

The original photo is tasks in bad blue light, here it is boosted and eliminated.

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Image: Twitter, BSR