Vilnius is the city with the most self-mockery

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Vilnius is the city with the most self-mockery

© Unsplash / Igor Gubaidulin Vilnius

Can you remember? Somewhere in the distant past you had to learn that Vilnius is the capital of ... Yes, we have forgotten which country it is exactly and that is precisely the point of the promotion campaigns of the city. It certainly looks like a place that is super cool to visit. Now we just have to look up where exactly we have to fly.

The only real Lithuania

Oh yes, Lithuania. Duh, we knew that. Fortunately we are not the only ones, even the Lithuanians (not to be confused with Lee Towers) are familiar with their shortcoming. After their ingenious tourism campaign "Vilnius - the G-spot of Europe", because they say "no one is where it is again, but if you find it - it is fantastic", the city has a new one again.

Donkey shot with Vilnius

The new campaign once again focuses on the 'where' of Vilnius by asking tourists somewhere in Europe where the city is located. Again a very successful video. The corresponding website where you can win a trip to the Lithuanian capital with a kind of donkey jab is also very well thought out. We were about 250 kilometers next to it, but oh well, you can't be good at everything.

Chernobyl without radiation

Incidentally, there are really enough reasons to visit the city. If we may believe them, because unfortunately we have not yet been there ourselves. So everything is within walking distance, always nice. You can easily book a hot air balloon ride there, which is also nice. And they promote themselves as the place where Chernobyl is recorded. We are a huge fan of the HBO series, so that is definitely an advantage. There are 28 other reasons, but we will let you discover for yourself. We have at least added a place to our bucket list (again). Maybe it is time to get rid of something ...

Vilnius is the city with the most self-mockery

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