Well prepared for the fall: the autumn cleaning

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Well prepared for the fall: the autumn cleaning

Spring cleaning is such a concept that everyone knows. But wouldn't it be a good idea to also have an autumn cleaning? So you can go well prepared for the fall and enjoy a wonderfully clean and tidy house. We have requested some information from the necessary experts and have listed nice and useful tips for you. Make sure you take advantage of it and certainly do not hesitate to leave some handy tips at the end. Take a good seat and get started to make your house completely spic and span again.

Enjoy on the terrace

© homify / Vonder Enjoy on the terrace

Okay, we'll first give you time to relax on the terrace. Late summer days are of course ideally suited for that. Enjoy the sun on your face and look back on (hopefully) a warm and successful summer. But as soon as you notice that the terrace days have really been counted, it is certainly advisable to clean and store your garden furniture. In this way you can optimally enjoy it again in the coming spring!

Sorting clothes

© homify / meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH Sorting clothes

You do not necessarily have to follow all the tips that we give you here in this order, that is of course entirely up to you. Yet we would choose to dive into the wardrobe first. Just look at what summer clothing can be stored and make room again for the warm sweaters and winter coats. And if you are tired of the old stuff, you can of course, after cleaning up, reward yourself with a nice shopping session!

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