What does a flight attendant do during a flight?

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What does a flight attendant do during a flight?

When you fly, you will always have to deal with the aircraft personnel. Stewards and stewardesses who welcome you as soon as you board the plane. But what does a flight attendant actually do during such a flight? © Offered by Zoover Media BV Image: Jacky Watt via Unsplash

They welcome you, help you with your luggage and explain the safety instructions to you time after time. They give you a blanket when you are cold or warm up your child's bottle when needed. Sometimes they come by for a chat and sometimes you do not see them for a moment: the flight crew, stewards and stewardesses who ensure that your flight is as comfortable and safe as possible. It is hard work, but luckily they are also allowed to relax from time to time!

Short or long flight

First of all, it depends on the duration of the flight how many flight attendants are flying. On a long flight, for example to Curaçao, this will be a lot more. Of course because the aircraft is then often larger, so there are more passengers to take care of. But also because the aircraft personnel then work in parts. Marijke, a purser at KLM, says: 'During a long flight, the crew is divided into two groups after taking off. The first team then goes to sleep, the second team takes care of the passengers and safety on the plane. " Have a good rest when you arrive at Curaçao? Choose hotel Van der Valk Kontiki Beach Resort, rated 9, if you want to be sure of a nice accommodation!

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Where do flight attendants sleep?

If the crew is split into two parts, the first team goes to sleep. They do this above your head, in the back of the plane or in the middle. Never seen? That can be very good! The beds made are processed in the plane in such a way that you as a passenger do not notice this. Do you also want to be able to sleep well when you arrive at your sunny destination after a long flight? Then choose a good hotel, such as this one in Bali where holiday maker Maruschka stayed: 'A super hotel with only friendly staff! Great location on the beach in the center. Room nicely clean! Highly recommended.'

Taking care of passenger safety

If the first team is sleeping well, the other takes care of the passengers. Drinks and possibly snacks are served. It is ensured that you sit comfortably, a pillow or blanket is handed out and especially the safety is monitored. Marijke: 'Anyway, every galley (kitchen) must remain manned by colleagues in connection with safety'.

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Do flight attendants have free time during a flight?

"Certainly," says Marijke. 'During a long flight, the crew can decide for themselves how they spend their time, after the passengers have been cared for and possibly sleep, of course. Some colleagues read a book, others go and say hello to the pilots in the cockpit. Most colleagues stay in the galley to chat with each other or with passengers who like it. "

Do exciting things happen 'behind the scenes'?

Marijke:' There is an informal working atmosphere among all colleagues, where you often have a drink when you have a drink. arrived at the usually sunny destination. Of course something can happen, but not more or less than in a hospital or during an office drink! "