"What had I longed for this: an ordinary day, without corona"

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

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Freelance journalist Franke (42) blogs about the adventures - and challenges - of her modern family. This week: Franke dares and takes her children Puk (8) and Olle (5) to the beach, where fortunately corona turned out to be very far away.

It was a sun-drenched day. One we would normally spend on the beach. But it wasn't normal, it was a corona crisis. Puk and Olle had since been transformed into grumpy loitering youths, longing for the first day of school.

I was fed up with the hangings. I wanted to go to the beach. But I didn't dare with the car, with all those signs "Turn around!" by the roadside. It almost felt illegal to go there. And besides: would Puk be strong enough to cycle all that way himself?

Buckets and scoops

Sometimes you have to take a risk in your life, I decided. "We're going to the beach, boys!" and before I could say anything else, Puk and Olle were already fishing their buckets and scoops from the mountains in the barn. When pack mules loaded with a picnic blanket, cooler bag with sandwiches and apple juice, scoops and buckets, sunscreen and towels, we left for the sea.

"We may not be allowed to go to the beach, guys" I warned cautiously halfway through the route. We cycled past houses and dunes. Along the golf course, where we saw people with golf clubs sneaking out of the bushes (huh ?!). Along the campsite and the village. Fortunately we were not sent back by anyone. And my tough girl Puk kicked on courageously.

Longing for a normal day

On the beach was a painted construction shack with lounge music. Puk ordered a cappuccino for me and for himself and Olle an ice cream. Relieved and tired of cycling, we settled on our picnic blanket, meters away from the other beach guests.

Two enforcers drank a nice cup of coffee at the construction site. Mothers uncorked bottles of wine they brought, fathers played beachball with their offspring. Next to us was a beachcomber snoring, his head hidden under his hat. The atmosphere was pleasant and free. As if all corona concerns were washed away by the sea.

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The children built an impressive sand castle. I looked at the glint of the sun on the water and felt very happy and sad at the same time. Sad for all the misery that Corona had caused so far. But also very happy because we had an old-fashioned, corona-free day here, in the salty summer breeze. I had longed for that for weeks. And it felt fantastic.

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