What is the best way to store your summer clothes?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

What is the best way to store your summer clothes?

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The shirts, T-shirts and shorts can gradually be put away again now that autumn starts. What is the best way to store clothing when you do not have the luxury of multiple cupboards? NU.nl asks two cleaning coaches.

A bulging wardrobe, throwing everything on the bed and figuring out what to put in or out for the winter: it can be overwhelming and confronting, says cleaning coach Lammy Wolfslag of mine cleaning coach .nl.

"Changing your collection is a great time to get rid of clothes. Let everything go through your hand. Put away worn-out clothes. Have a piece of clothing in summer Don't think about it and put it away in case of doubt. "

" It is best not to have too many clothes, "says cleaning coach Geske Bertram. "Then you hardly have to change clothes with the seasons. Then you can even keep everything in a cupboard, which is handy. You can also place the summer clothing at the back of the cupboard and the winter clothing at the front. Choose a closed cupboard, otherwise can discolour your clothes or become dusty. "

" Make sure everything is fresh "

If you want to store your clothes in more places, make sure that it is stored clean. Wolfslag: "If there is a stain in a piece of clothing and you put it away for half a year, the stain pulls in. So check for stains. And for sweat. Make sure that everything is nice and fresh, something you once worn " You can also let such a piece of clothing air, Bertram says. "Your clothing deteriorates by washing it often."

To help mask odors, Wolfslag recommends putting some lavender in a bag and placing it with the clothes. Bertram: "I always put cheap soaps with my clothes, in their paper. That smell is preserved - you often have to change odor bags."

Let everything go through your hands and think about what can go away. (Photo: 123RF)

'Use boxes in case of lack of space'

Not everyone has the same space to store his clothes. Bertram: "In case of lack of space, you can use boxes. Do not put loose stacks somewhere, that is not good for clothing and not practical, because you cannot put anything on top. You can stack boxes. Choose plastic boxes, then you can see what's inside and it is kept dust-free. A box of paper or cardboard also attracts moisture. "

In addition to boxes, there are airtight bags that you can vacuum vacuum with a vacuum cleaner, Wolfslag says. "That is purely useful if you have a lack of space." Bertram also advises that. "I don't find them very handy. In those pockets everything creases like an idiot. Then you first have to iron everything when the summer starts again."

Hanging clothes takes up a lot of space, so that just has to be done to be possible. "My preference is to fold or roll up, because some clothes can sag," says Wolfslag. "It does wrinkle with folding, but I find it sag worse."

Far away, with the Christmas stuff

The place where you store your clothes must be clean. "Old houses and places with poor ventilation can attract moths," says Wolfslag. "To avoid that, you can hang good moth strips or a bag of mothballs on the inside of your closet or storage where you store the clothing."

Both coaches advise the clothing in a dark place where you don't often go Stow away because clothing can discolour due to the sun. "For example, wherever you put your Christmas stuff," says Bertram. "Not in a shed, not with food, put them nice and far away." Yet Bertram still finds it best to be very critical of what you really wear. "Otherwise it just gets in the way."