What to look out for when buying a new couch

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

What to look out for when buying a new couch

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Finding the ideal sofa is not that easy. A step-by-step plan, drawn up by vtwonen, can help you make the right decision when purchasing a new bank.

What function should the bank have?

First determine how you can use a couch: after a working day would you prefer to plunge into front of the television or do you want to create a nice seating area where you can receive visitors? Or maybe you often have guests and that is why you find a sofa bed practical.

Also consider what you value more: comfort or appearance. A sleek sofa is an eye catcher in the living room, but is probably not as comfortable as a lounge sofa. Finally, think of your home situation. A three-seater sofa is sufficient for two people, but a large family should go for a corner sofa. Do you have pets or children? Then go for a couch that can take a beating and staining.

Where do you put the couch?

When buying a couch, in addition to the right dimensions, the right proportions are also important . A bank must not take up too much or too little space. A two-seater sofa fails in a large living room, while a corner sofa makes a small room look 'full'. In addition, consider what you want to see from the couch: the television, the garden or the fireplace? Also take walking routes into account to prevent the couch from getting in the way.

Is the couch comfortable?

Perhaps the most important question when buying a couch: is it comfortable ? First determine what is important to you: do you want a soft relax couch or rather a sturdy couch with an active seat? It is important to pay attention to the depth of the seat, the seat height and the height of the backrest. These determine whether you can easily sit up or sink. The length of the couch is also important. If you like to lie on the couch, it is best to go for a corner couch or couch with a stool.

Which couch fits your living style?

And then the last step: the appearance from the bank. Light colors and soft materials go well with a rural or Scandinavian interior. Velvet or velvet sofas provide a romantic look. A robust, leather sofa gives your interior a tough look. Prefer modern? Then go for a white fabric sofa or one in black leather.