What you can use Vaseline for

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

What you can use Vaseline for

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Do you also have a pot of Vaseline in your house as standard? And did you think you could only use it for silky lips? Wrong! That jar offers a solution for many more things. Curious? Below 9 things you didn't know Vaseline was the solution.

Tips & tricks

1. Tool for dyeing your hair

Do you paint your hair without professional help? Spread a little Vaseline along your hairline to prevent the paint from sticking to your forehead.

2. Enjoy your perfume longer

Do you want to keep smelling your perfume all day long? Vaseline is the key! Spread some Vaseline on the spot where you will spray your perfume and tadaaa! Can you enjoy your fragrance for an extra long time!

3. Beautiful eyebrows

Do you want beautiful eyebrows? Dip a pennant brush in the Vaseline pot, brush your eyebrows with it and ensure that your eyebrows stay in shape throughout the day.

4. Smokey eye

Who said you can only create a smokey eye with eye shadow? Apply a black line to your eyelid with eye pencil and smear it gently with a finger that you have dipped in the Vaseline.

5. Lipstick Stains

Does your lipstick often stick to your teeth? Lightly rub them with Vaseline, and you will never see a stain again.

6. Stuck jewelry

Is your ring too tight around your finger and you can't get it loose? Vaseline to the rescue!

7. Preventing candle wax

Coat a candleholder with vaseline to prevent the candle wax from sticking.

8. Highlighter

Wait what? Yes really! Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your cheekbones for a natural shine.

9. Avoiding blisters

Would you rather not stay with blisters after a walk? Then, before you start the walk, put some Vaseline on your heels. This reduces friction and reduces the risk of blisters.

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