What your handwriting says about your personality

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

What your handwriting says about your personality

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Your handwriting can explain a lot about your personality. According to experts, even more than 5000 characteristics can be recognized by analyzing someone's handwriting. Are you curious about what your handwriting says about you? Then grab a paper and pen, write a sentence, then look at the points below.

Big letters: When you write big, it means you pay close attention to people and want people to see you and understand you. letters: When you write small you are focused, concentrated and you probably have an introverted personality. Press hard: If you press hard against the paper with your pen, you are emotional and intense. Soft press: If you press softly against the paper with your pen, you can keep your emotions under control so you don't get emotionally exhausted. Letters upright: You are especially logical instead of emotional when your letters are upright. You are also pragmatic. To the left: If your letters lean to the left, you prefer to work with tools rather than people, you are reticent and you pay particular attention to yourself. To the right: If your letters lean to the right, you are friendly, sentimental and impulsive. You care deeply about friends and family. Loose letters: If your letters don't touch each other, you're mostly logical, methodical and careful when you make decisions. To each other: If your letters touch each other, you're intelligent and intuitive.

Source: Independent