When is the time for the founding of a family?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

When is the time for the founding of a family?

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In fact, everything is ready: you have found the perfect partner, a house, a stable job and you have also reached an age where reproduction seems logical. Still you remain in doubt. Do I want this? Should I not enjoy my freedom for another year? Am I even suitable as a mother at all? But is there actually a moment when you realize that the time is right to become a mother?

First of all, making the decision is a tough one and it must of course have been granted to you. Anyway, consciously choosing to work on a family is already a step. In addition, everyone has other factors that are taken into consideration. Whereas one couple is sure to be ready for children around the age of twenty, another couple will certainly be traveling for a few years around the age of thirty before they start. Everyone is different in this and yet if your friends start their families, there may be an urge to "shouldn't we, before we miss the boat?"

It is no longer the case that the career of a man, traditionally a breadwinner, is more important than that of a woman. Women also find this important. So fine-tune whether it is the right time and how any daycare can be coordinated with employers.

If you have a baby, you will of course have to pay. After many sleepless nights, even the best relationship comes under pressure. Then we are not even talking about practical matters. Have you arranged all that? After all, a child is a big responsibility. In your area there are often couples who have already expanded, how do you think they do it? You and your partner come from different backgrounds, do you agree on the basic principles of parenting? In addition, a child costs money. Can you also pay for the life you want for the upcoming sprout?

All practical considerations that will undoubtedly play a part, but whether there is ever a good time when you are really certain is still the question. The advantage: fortunately you have nine months to get everything in yourself and in your relationship in order.

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