Which love language do you speak?

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Which love language do you speak?

© Shutterstock Love can be expressed in different ways

Not words, but actions. For one it is easier than the other. If you care about someone, you can convey it in five different ways according to Gary Chapman's 'The Five Languages ??of Love'.


Do you have a girlfriend who you often (even without reason) gives presents? She thinks it is important to show that she knows you and makes an effort for you. It's not about the gift itself, but the intention.


You must have a teddy bear in your group of friends. Someone who gives you a pat on the back and grabs your hand or hugs you when you're sad. It has nothing to do with sexual attraction, these people just really like physical contact.


You can always count on this person if you have a flat tire or need to move. Often they find it difficult to express their love for you in words, which is why they mainly offer you practical help. You can always count on them.


This friend has often told you how much you mean to them. These people value what you say. They give a lot of compliments, but they also like to receive them.


Friends who always make time for you and really listen to you find it important to pay attention to each other. Whether someone gives full attention says a lot about how much someone cares about you