Who can claim the empty aircraft seat?

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Who can claim the empty aircraft seat?

Airplane etiquette. Unwritten rules that make traveling by plane a lot more pleasant for everyone on board. But if you have an empty airplane seat in the middle of the three seats in a row, can you use it?

The rule

Sharing = sweet. If your aircraft seat next to you is free, you can use it. But, if there is someone else in the same row, then it is good to share. Tip from Zoover: start your conversation with "Gosh, what are we lucky, huh?" while you put a book on your half. You can also unfold the table where drinks can be displayed for both of you. Handy and effective! Does your neighbor not need extra space? Top! But always ask for permission before you take up all the space, that is so neat.

Not okay

Just using the chair to get rid of your legs is not okay. Good, you also see exceptions here, for example if you are pregnant or you can demonstrate that you can use the space properly. In any case: ask if it is good if you want to use the chair before taking action. Â © Offered by Zoover Media BV

Prohibited access

In some cases you are not allowed to use the chair (partially), even if no one is sitting. It is possible that someone books 2 seats so that they have more space, for themselves or for extra hand luggage. These people, for example, do not need one chair in business class, but prefer 2 economy class seats. Very handy and understandable, but show respect for this decision. You are not allowed to use the chair at these times.

How to arrange an empty airplane seat

Of course you can book an extra seat under your reservation, but we recommend that you call the airline company after your reservation to ensure that your two seats are next to each other have. It is also a good idea to address the ground steward (ess) before your flight and indicate that you have booked two seats next to each other. Another, cheaper option may be that if you are traveling with two people, you book the aisle seat and the window seat. During quiet flights you will in many cases have the middle seat for yourself. In the bad case, someone will come between you and ask you to trade with one of the outer seats, in many cases that won't be a problem. Â © Offered by Zoover Media BV


Remember that you get what you pay for. Everything else is a bonus. Then treat your fellow travelers nicely, they are in the same boat.