Whole neighborhood at home: 'Think if you have to do odd jobs now'

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Whole neighborhood at home: 'Think if you have to do odd jobs now'

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Due to the measures surrounding the coronavirus, suddenly many more people are at home. The neighbors on the left have started doing odd jobs, the neighbors on the right have the children at home, the neighbors upstairs are at work. How do you deal with each other today?

"I live in an apartment complex and as soon as the sun starts shining, the windows open and I hear music everywhere," says Floortje Leenders (39). I'm just working. It seems like my neighbors don't understand the situation at all and think it's vacation. I sent an email to the housing association. I hope they can do something about it. "

You can't do much about noise nuisance while working from home, says Marleen van Beek, legal adviser at the National Advice Desk. "Music is everyone's right, just like vacuuming with the windows open and doing odd jobs."

"As frustrating as the nuisance can be, you can't demand someone to be as quiet as a mouse from 9am to 5pm You can try to make an appointment with your neighbors, in order to be able to work at least a few hours a day at rest. "

You cannot expect a family with young children to be able to remain silent all day, says Van Beek. "You can say something if they are playing outside with a lot of noise at 8.30 am. Try to work together as neighbors, put your schedules side by side."

"Everyone has their own responsibility "

" The etiquette that normally applies between neighbors now also applies, "says etiquette expert Annemarie van Leggelo. "But we are in a new situation. It is a time when you have to take each other into account even more. Everyone has the responsibility to keep nuisance under control."

Noise nuisance will be the source of irritation number one , says Van Leggelo, like the noise of children. "I think it is the responsibility of parents to tell their children to pay attention to their voices during the day, now that we are in this situation. If there are neighbors who are affected, of course."

There may also be inconvenience due to the odd job rage that now prevails. "If neighbors have to work at home or have children who are learning or studying, think about whether it is necessary to do odd jobs now. Want to get started ? Then report it to your neighbors and tell them what you are going to do. "

" For pupils and students, don't set your music too loud during the day. If you are organizing a party online where you expect noise, tell it then to the neighbors. That is normally the rule. "

'Only if conversation fails to take steps'

What if the neighbors do not want to listen or cooperate? Van Beek: "If the conversation does not work and there is structural nuisance and loud music, you can consider a step to the local police officer, housing association or neighborhood mediator. You can also call a legal helpline."

" Hiring a lawyer is the very last step, but you are not getting along much now, because many courts are closed and only urgent cases are handled. At any rate, the atmosphere gets even grittier. Prefer to look for other solutions. "