Why having a broken heart can be good for you

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why having a broken heart can be good for you

© Tessa Gorgosz Why having a broken heart can be good for you

You feel powerless and you have no control over your emotions. That way you can cry over everything and feel everyday tasks like torture. But the good news is: a broken heart apparently makes you a better person.

Positive effects

1 / Self-discovery

Once the intense emotions start to fade, the perfect moment comes to think about the relationship, about yourself, about what went wrong, but also about what went well. It is a wonderful moment of self-discovery.

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2 / It can strengthen your friendships

A difficult break-up gives your girlfriends the chance to pamper you, just like you would with theirs. Even as you get older and eventually find the right partner, you will never forget the moments with the people who took great care of you then.

3 / Me, myself and I

You can fully focus on your own goals and desires, and that is usually the time when you are most inspired to take risks. Go on the one trip that your partner never wanted to make, or register for the sports class that you have always wanted to attend. Focus on yourself and do everything you want to do without anyone holding you back.

4 / You will become stronger and more resilient

A broken heart is like an honor badge. You will probably never completely forget the nights you have cried and the pain in your heart. But when your heart is healed again, there is an overwhelming sense of victory. You have experienced something and it made you stronger.

5 / You learn to forgive

It is okay to be angry after a painful break, but even the most intense emotions will go away over time. Eventually you will realize that forgiving is not so much about the other person, but about you and your happiness. The ability to let go and forgive those who have wronged us is a wonderful gift, but it always takes a while before you are ready.

6 / You become more empathetic

A broken heart is something that happens to almost all of us regardless of our age, background, location, etc. It's a daunting experience, but in the end it makes us more sensitive and empathetic as partners, friends, and all-round people.

7 / You learn what you really need in a partner

After a failed relationship, you get to know the traits that are really important to you in a partner. Broken hearts not only teach us who we are as partners, but also what we need (and deserve) in love.