Why housemates are the best family members you can wish for

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why housemates are the best family members you can wish for

© Editors Marie Claire Why housemates are the best family members you can wish for

Living together under one roof entails so much more than just split rent and less living space.


1. You choose your housemates yourself, unlike your family.

You put together your own family. It's like the Sims! If you really want to go crazy, you can even set new names eh .. make up. Sandra, for example, is called Henk from the moment she withdraws. Why? Just because you can.

2. With a little luck you will have your own Gordon Ramsey

That's the best thing there is: having a roommate who can cook well. Always good food on the table, without doing anything yourself. In any case, it is chill that someone can always cook for you when you just come from work, right? Living the dream!

3. There is always someone who has something to eat or drink for you.

No more bread or anything else to fill your stomach with? Do not panic! Your housemates are the saviors in need. They can miss a slice of bread (or a whole loaf if you're really hungry, of course!).

4. Little sick?

They will take care of you. It's like a marriage: for better or for worse. Cut three times with your fingers ... er, typing in the home app and a pitcher and a cup of tea with ginger and honey are coming.

5. Family parties are better than your sister's birthday anyway.

Everything is possible and everything is allowed. Nobody looks at you strange when you pour your fourth wine within fifteen minutes or when you show your best moves to the rest. And nobody whines for the mess, because you make that mess together. And you also clean it up together. Right?

6. Embarrassing photos from the same party?

Nothing wrong, because it is an unwritten rule that they stay inside the house. After all, you all have a rather heavy collection of blackmail material, so you cut your own fingers when you forward one of those gems.

7. Next night the night went crazy?

A message with a cry for help from your roommates and the delivery service is as good as on the road. Maccie, nice fresh bread from the bakery or just a pure survival package, they love you, so go get this for you. After all, you are going out in bed and just really can't get up.

8. Not on your day?

You can 'complain' to them if things go wrong. Cream mode: ON! Free psychologist at home! Even better if they follow a study where they learn to listen to you and help you find a solution. An outlet that you can always use. Let your heart out. I-DE-EAL!

9. Bicycle broken? Just grab another

There must be one at the door where you can sprint to your appointment. Housemates share everything. However?

10. New wardrobe If you are really close to your housemates, their door is always open for you. Literally! This also means the way to their wardrobe. Extraction! You now have a whole new wardrobe available and it is also free.