Why it is always cold in an airplane

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why it is always cold in an airplane

© Grazia Why it is always cold in an airplane

If there is one thing that makes traveling less comfortable, then it is the temperature in the airplane. Ever noticed how cold it can be? Whether or not your neighbor has the air conditioning on full speed, sweaters and blankets are essential, especially for long flights. Apparently there are a few reasons why they keep it so cold.


A study investigated why passengers faint during a flight. It appeared that a 'lack of oxygen and moisture in the air' was the main reason, due to the pressure in the cabin.

If the aircraft is too hot, it can increase the chance of passengers fainting . The heat released by the passengers in a fully occupied cabin is large.


The incoming air must be at or below the required cabin temperature to keep the temperature emitted by passengers , to be able to maintain. Finally, a flight attendant added that airplanes are kept cool to ensure that emergency equipment and cockpit equipment work optimally.

We know that again.

Source: Marie Claire | Image: Flight