Why millennials are so obsessed with house plants

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why millennials are so obsessed with house plants

© iStock Millennials have a lot in common. They don't want children yet, but they want a house full of plants.

Millennials postpone buying a house, getting married and having children often for longer than the generation for financial reasons. They do spend hours taking care of their house plants.

Lily Ewing, a therapist from Seattle who is also a millennial with a great love for plants, has an explanation for this. Plants need less care than other living organisms such as a pet. Having plants in your home allows you to take care of 'something', without having too great consequences. We apparently need care. According to the therapist it gives a lot of satisfaction.

The love for plants also coincides with the health hype. Plants generally have a good influence on the living environment and therefore also on your health. While you take care of plants, you also take the time not to scroll through your social media feed or answer mail. In that sense it is also good for relaxation and to test your patience.

Source: The Huffington Post