Why November is the month to go on holiday

29 May 2023Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why November is the month to go on holiday

© Shutterstock Have you been looking out of your window during working hours for days? November is not the best month for many, so you better go on holiday!

Most people go on holiday during the summer holidays. Yet it appears that it is better to pack your bags in November. These three reasons alone are enough to book a trip:


Emotionally, November is one of the coldest months of the year. The first cold days always feel the most intense and we also notice how we feel mentally. Our body has to get used to the frost. We can postpone those dark and cold days by going to a warm place.

Most traffic jams

On the road, November is the busiest month almost every year. Few people take a day off from work this month. The rain also causes traffic jams. So every day you get stuck in traffic, do yourself a favor and go on vacation.


Precisely because November is less popular as a travel month, airline tickets are often a bit cheaper. Now of course you should not tell this because this kite will not be used anymore.

Source: ANWB