Why so many couples break up in January

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why so many couples break up in January

© credits unknown Why so many couples separate in January

January is known as the month of divorce. At the same time as the Christmas tree, the relationship is also thrown away. According to researchers, a quarter is more often googled for divorces in January and the number of people who die is one third more often than in the rest of the year. There are certainly four reasons for this.

Wait until after the holidays

You want to give your children and your parents a nice Christmas. That is why you wait until the end of the year to apply for divorce. Part of the divorces from December is therefore shifting to January.

New year, new opportunities

Many people make good intentions. They want to lose weight, exercise more or plan better. They want to change what is not good. That includes a bad marriage.

The January dip

After a busy December full of festivities and fun, the mood dips a bit in January. Annoyances turn up again, there is work stress again and moreover you have to keep your measure of yourself with food and drink. This cranky can lead to intense tensions in the relationship.


There is also a divorce peak in September. A period without work and obligations leads to reflection. In addition, you spend much more time together than in the rest of the year. This allows you to better evaluate the relationship. That does not always end well.

Source (s): Fox Business