Why we arrive when we get older

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why we arrive when we get older

© credits unknown Why we arrive when we get older

Almost everyone notices that it gets harder to keep on weight as we get older. Most even arrive a few pounds. Why is that anyway?

The Swedish Karolinska Institute has discovered that it has to do with lipid metabolism in adipose tissue. That is the speed at which fat is converted and stored in the fat cells. This decreases as people get older and ensures that you arrive faster, even if you no longer eat or exercise less. The study appeared in the journal Nature Medicine.

The scientists studied the fat cells of 54 men and women over a 13-year period. During the course of the study, all participants experienced a decrease in the rate at which fats were converted into adipose tissue, regardless of whether they arrived or dropped out. Those who did not compensate for this by eating less gained kilos.

"The results show for the first time that processes in our adipose tissue independently of other factors influence weight gain with aging," said Professor Peter Arner. "This can provide new treatment methods for obesity."

Previous studies have already shown that more exercise is a way to accelerate the breakdown of fat. This new research supports that idea and adds that the long-term result of a stomach reduction or diversion also gets better as people exercise more.

Source (s): Science Daily