Why working in the 'Christmas holiday' is pretty good

26 Sep 2023Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why working in the 'Christmas holiday' is pretty good

© Editorial Marie Claire Why working during the 'Christmas holidays' is okay

While many colleagues are probably free between Christmas and New Year's Eve, you are just struggling in the office during the last days of the year. At first it might have seemed a damper, but actually it is pretty relaxed. The points below are quite recognizable, right?

Four recognizable points

1. You have vacation days left

Because you are not taking your vacation days right now, you have a few extra to take them next year. That means an extra long weekend away in 2020 while everyone just has to work. Great, right?

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2. Your to-dolist will be finished in no time

Many colleagues are probably on holiday, which means that it is very quiet at the office. Consequence? You will be less distracted by others and you will not be knocked on your door every time. And so you can go through your to-dolist super fast.

3. Fewer people to be reckoned with

As mentioned, there are fewer people in the office, which means that you have to take fewer people into account. Isn't that one colleague who doesn't like top 40 music at all? Then you can finally set up the radio station without disturbance that plays today's hits. The colleague who wants to have lunch at noon already absent? Then you can go a little later without the hassle.

4. On Tuesday afternoon you can already close the year with a drink

Not Friday, but on Tuesday you and your colleagues who are there can raise the glass and toast to 2020. Fun!