Why you accidentally bite your tongue

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why you accidentally bite your tongue

© Shutterstock Sometimes there is a short circuit in your brain and you bite yourself

It happens to all of us that we accidentally bite our own tongue. Very painful, and also very weird when you think about it. We don't hit ourselves in the face, do we? Why do we bite ourselves now and then? The short answer: short circuit in our brain.

Our bodies are so well developed and adjusted that we have some sort of built-in safety mechanism that normally prevents us from biting our tongue. Or on other parts in the inside of our mouth.

Researchers at Duke University in America wanted to know exactly how this mechanism works. They did research on the brain of mice to better understand how our own brain regulates the interaction of the muscles in our jaws and tongue. They found that a specific group of neurons in the motor cortex of our brain control the opening and closing of our jaws and the reciprocation of our tongue. If this group of neurons is 'short-circuited', we may bite our tongue or the inside of our mouth.

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