Why you always make the same relative errors

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why you always make the same relative errors

© Shutterstock You actually know better, but you still make the same mistakes. How did you end up in this cycle?

When you have a bad experience with a relationship, you often say: "never again." Yet we often fail to adhere to this and often we make exactly the same mistake as before. How come we are able to make the same mistakes all the time?

You go for a type

If you fall for a specific type and always end up with the same type of people, it is logical that you will experience the same problems again. Get out of your comfort zone and try to get to know people you have usually consciously or unknowingly avoided.

You have not processed your break-up

If a relationship fails, you should stay single to process the break-up and think carefully about what went wrong and what you should do differently. To be successful in this you must be honest with yourself, because it is tempting to come up with excuses. If you start looking for a new partner right away, chances are you haven't had enough time to process your previous relationship and moreover you often look for someone who looks like your ex.

You are afraid of being alone

Many people are terrified of being alone, even though they will not always admit it. If everyone around you has a seemingly happy relationship, it's not nice to fall outside the boat. Having a partner often also gives a sense of security, because you have someone you can rely on. Especially after a long relationship it is scary to be alone again. This while the bachelor life also has many advantages. Do not be guided by fear or despair, because then you will be mistaken.

You only listen to your feelings

There is nothing wrong with following your heart. Your feelings are very important when choosing your partner, but it is not so smart to base your choices solely on your emotions, feelings and desires. Try to listen to both your feelings and common sense. Sometimes you know that someone is not entirely fluffy, but you ignore these thoughts because your feelings say something else. If you use both your brain and your heart, you often make the best choices in terms of love.

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