Why you attract the wrong partners

04 Mar 2024Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why you attract the wrong partners

© Shutterstock Have you always got the wrong one?

Do you notice that your love interests do not always suit you? This can lead to the thought that maybe no one fits you, but it is more likely that you make mistakes yourself in your search for a partner so that you always meet the wrong people. There are a number of common mistakes:

< p> You are unclear

Do you dare to say what you are looking for? You may prefer to be as vague as possible about what you want because you are afraid of scaring off potential partners. However, it is important to deter people who do not suit you. So try not to look as perfect as possible for the largest possible group and try to focus on a more specific group of people.

Unfair to yourself

Except that you may find it difficult to to be honest with others, it is also difficult to be honest with yourself. Perhaps you tell yourself that you don't care about the looks of a potential partner, while in practice that is always the deciding factor. Don't be fooled yourself!


To find the right partner, you will often have to accept the single life first. As long as you are desperately looking for a partner, you will make wrong decisions faster. In addition, people who feel desperation can try to make use of it. Although it is quite a cliché, you will often have to be happy with yourself before you can really be happy with someone else.