Why you should go out on your own now and then

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why you should go out on your own now and then

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There is one certainty in life; we come alone and we go alone. Yet for the whole part in between it is not very common to do things alone. We are of course not talking about going to the toilet or other private matters, but things like going out to dinner, going to a cinema or vacation. If you do, it is often labeled as 'brave', but why?

No more consultation needed

For many people it is not something you do consciously, but more a necessary evil. Because you have to spend the night somewhere for work, you are way too early for an appointment or because you simply do not have so many friends with the same interests. But you have to consider how nice it is to not have to consult with anyone where you are going to eat or which film you want to see. Sometimes you don't need to talk and then it's a lot less uncomfortable to be quiet alone than with someone else. Enjoying total tranquility, what could be nicer than that.

Only is not necessarily lonely

Moreover, it is all a matter of perception. Someone who goes out to eat alone is very different from someone whose date has not shown up. You are not lonely and you should not feel or behave that way either. If there is anything that you are, it is in control, there is no one who tells you what you can or cannot do. No longer in the mood for the film? Then you just walk outside. Do you like to spend more time in the museum and can you sit for hours in front of that one painting? Do it nice, it's your party. Ultimately, we have to spend most of our time with ourselves, why should that only be possible inside.