Why you should never print your boarding pass again

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why you should never print your boarding pass again

© copyright Columbus Travel 2019 Columbus A paper boarding pass is still preferred by many travelers, but it is really time to switch to digital. Printing your boarding pass can cause a lot of misery.

With your access to the plane, you prefer not to take any risks. Telephones can sometimes show cures, but you have complete control over a piece of paper. So safe, right?

But once on the plane, your boarding pass is unnecessary. After all, you have already passed the security and cabin crew. From that moment on, the paper is dealt with lax. Do you leave it in the seat in front of you, do you use the boarding pass as a bookmark or does it end up in the trash of your hotel?

Cyber ??criminals and hackers

All the above options, with many other places where the printed boarding pass can end are food for cyber criminals. A lot of information can be read from a boarding pass, enough to hack and take over a frequent flyer account. All that is required for this is a full name, booking number and frequent flyer number. One guess on which piece of paper that data can be found.