Why you should never sleep with wet hair

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why you should never sleep with wet hair

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If you wash your hair at night, you know the struggle where you don't feel like blow-drying your hair anymore. Then go to bed with wet hair ... or better not? Now that we're on social abstinence, no one sees you. But it turns out to be very bad to sleep with wet hair.

Two options

It is actually indefinite how often you have to wash your hair. The less you wash your hair, the less you have to wash it. This is because your hair eventually gets used to washing it less, so it takes longer and longer to get greasy and dirty again. Since sleeping with wet hair is a real no go, there are two options you can do: either blow dry your hair or wash your hair less often.


Sleeping with wet hair, so it is better not to, if you care about the health of your hair. When wet, your hair is in a sensitive state. That's why you should be more careful with it after you wash it - pulling your brush through it with brute force is out of the question. Also, lying on your pillow is not good for your locks when they are wet.

Do you really have no power to blow-dry your hair? At the very least, make sure it is 'towel dry' before you go to bed. And let her hang loose. If you put a rubber band in it and you go to sleep with a bun in it, that can cause even more damage, and of course you don't want that.