Why you use the milky tea for your hair

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why you use the  milky tea for your hair

& # 169; Grazia Why you want the 'milky tea' look for your hair

We hear you think: let's go! If we have recently seen Vanilla Chai, Toasted Coconut and Mushroom Blonde, a hair color has gone viral again. This time the color is derived from the Milky Tea.

Milky tea

The new trend came after the hashtag #milkteahair became booming on Instagram. And, perhaps you already guessed it, but it looks like tea mixed with milk.

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Whether you go for the toasted coconut, vanilla chia, mushroom blonde or milky tea. In any case, be clear to your stylist so that you will not be disappointed. "When you ask your hairdresser for one of these colors, emphasize well that you are looking for a color that blends. So a warmer color at the root, which changes to a dull color in the points," said hairdresser Olivia Smalley.

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Source : Marie Claire Image: Instagram, BSR