Why your bun gives you a headache

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Why your bun gives you a headache

© Shutterstock The bun or ponytail is handy, but it also has a disadvantage.

The bun on the head has been incredibly hip for a while. This trend is also very useful because if your hair gets in the way for a while or if you have a bad hair day, the bun always offers a solution. Unfortunately there is also a disadvantage to it, namely headache.

Scientists call this form of ponytail "ponytail headache," because even if you wear a ponytail, the headache can occur. This headache has an external cause, namely the pulling of the scalp. There are nerves in our scalp and if there is some kind of tension on this for a long time, it can become very sensitive and pain signals can be sent to the brain.

The hair follicles can also feel painful. People who have to tie their hair to their heads for work or hobby can often experience headaches. The same applies to swimmers who have to wear a tight swimming cap.

Do you often wear a bun or ponytail and do you suffer from headaches? Then loosen it a little or remove it from time to time and massage your head before you do another bun.

Source: The Huffington Post