Winter city trips: 8x the most beautiful European destinations

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Winter city trips: 8x the most beautiful European destinations

© copyright Columbus Travel 2020 Columbus With a city trip you soon think of a pleasant sun, but also - no: right - in the winter cities show their best side. These are the eight best European city trips this winter.

1. Find the Northern Lights in Tromsø

Due to its location in the far north of the country, Tromsø is an ideal base for a search for the dancing Northern Lights in the winter months. But there are many more Norwegian classics to discover just a stone's throw from the city: fjords, reindeer, mountain lakes, mountains, snowy trees and huskies. But don't run out of town too fast! Tromsø is small and cozy, alternates ultramodern architecture with small wooden houses, you can find street art next to beer breweries and the museums are worth mentioning: in the Polar Museum you learn everything about the Polar region and Spitsbergen.

2. Discover the true feelings of Berlin

An invasion of Christmas markets passes over German cities in the winter months, where Berlin is not spared. The capital is under the spell of the Christmas atmosphere in December, it is up to you to determine whether that means a no-go or go.

Outside of the bustle of the Christmas markets, winter is the ideal moment to experience the true feeling of Berlin. The famous sights are visited a lot less, so you better absorb them. With a little snowfall, the city gets a fairytale look. And the memorial sites for the blackest page in German history, such as the Holocaust monument or the Jewish Museum, arrive even harder in the gray winter cold.

3. Badder in Budapest

Budapest is built on top of thermal waters, from which the city with 125 bath houses benefits optimally. The choice is huge, but the largest, most beautiful and best-known bathhouse is the Szechenyi spa bath. In the summer tourists flock here and you are just not sitting on each other's lap, but in the winter you mingle with the locals in the wonderful baths.

After some relaxation it is time for sightseeing. The most important sights are covered, so you are in the right place with rain and / or cold. With the extensive metro network, transport is also no excuse for not going out in Budapest.

4. Experience a romantic weekend in Ljubljana

The old center of Ljubljana is even more magical in the winter months. The capital of Slovenia is not one of the most popular European city trip destinations in the summer - fortunately, but wrongly - but in the winter you wander through the narrow streets with the remaining locals. City life mainly takes place around the famous Prešeren square and the characteristic pink church.

© Offered by Columbus Travel Frozen and snowy: a city trip to St. Petersburg is extra beautiful in winter. (Photo: community member sidonius)

5. Go winter sports in Zagreb

In Zagreb you go for a city trip with that little bit extra. Combining sightseeing of a metropolis with a ski trip in nature sounds like a bucket list destination for many winter lovers. Then put Zagreb on the list soon. The Medvednica mountain is only a twenty minute drive from the city, where the Sjleme ski area is located. The slopes are not long, but with one km of black, two red and two blue slopes, they are enough for a nice trip.

6. Look for the snow in Granada

Another one, because the combination of city and snowy mountains is really nice. Granada borders the Sierra Nevada, literal translation: snowy mountain range. In the winter, the mountains are one of the largest ski resorts in Spain. Granada is 30 km away from the ski paradise, where you can enjoy the historic center after all your efforts. The locals do know how to receive active travelers, because in spring and summer Granada is a hotspot for cyclists.

7. Enjoy frozen and snowy Saint Petersburg

We will all have our associations, but in Saint Petersburg it is not too bad with that painful cold. The city has relatively mild temperatures - on average around freezing - due to its location on the Gulf of Finland. If you are not put off by the freezing cold, you will receive a lot in return. The Neva River is largely frozen, and the canals that characterize the city are frozen and snowy. The locals make the winter atmosphere complete, well-packed with the typical fur hats and coats.

8. Visit it now: Venice

If there is one moment to go to Venice, then it is in the winter. Venetians can finally breathe after another summer in which it is flooded with tourists. In wintry Venice, the city is once again the locals, the streets, squares and museums are empty, a beautiful light falls over the canals and you can experience the center as it once was.

Where would you like to go this winter?