With these 5 tips you will work on your career during the corona crisis

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

With these 5 tips you will work on your career during the corona crisis

© Maaike Oude Geerdink With these 5 tips you will work on your career during the corona crisis

The consequences of the corona crisis for your career are noticeable. Where many students wonder when they can take exams, people with a job are suddenly no longer assured of this. Despite the measures taken, entrepreneurs also try to keep their company afloat.

Looking for a job

Fortunately, help is provided from all sides. For example, the government ensures that fewer people are fired and that companies do not immediately go bankrupt. But what if you are looking for a job right now? Career platform Magnet.me made a collection of tips that they obtained through their own data and career experts. Curious? Scroll down to read what tips can help you start your career.

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Work It

1. Update your profile (s)

Show recruiters what you can do. Therefore, make sure that all your profiles, for example LinkedIn, are completely up to date. Add your most recent work experience, name which certificates you have obtained, and describe any other relevant information that will make an extra impression.

2. Professional photo

Did you know that a professional profile photo makes recruiters approach you twice as often? This compared to a profile without a photo. Easy way to increase your chances of finding a job! And that photo is easy to take at home. Provide good lighting, a solid background color and put on an outfit that you could also wear to work.

3. Know what you want (but also adjust)

An important step when looking for a job is knowing what you want. Eline Leijten, CEO of Plugify, tells Magnet.me that the best way to do this is to answer a number of concrete questions for yourself, such as:

- What makes you happy?

- What are you good at?

- What kind of work environment do you want?

- What do you want to earn?

Go for a job that really suits you, but in this uncertain time it is certainly useful to consider that you may have to sacrifice something here and there to find a job.

4. Network online

For employers, too, at the moment do not know exactly what the future will bring. This can make their recruiters more cautious when it comes to hiring people. Don't let this stop you and use this time to expand your network. Get in touch with people at companies where you see yourself working, get talking to recruiters and schedule exploratory (video) conversations with them.

If you make a good impression today, who knows? be the first to know when that one job is available.

5. Work on yourself

It can be frustrating when you want to get started with enthusiasm and energy, but are expected to sit at home. Despite being at home for an important reason, don't wait. Work on yourself every day. Use this time to work on your personal development. So you immediately have an answer to the application question: "What did you do when you were at home?"

Good luck!