With these 6 home activities you will never be bored

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

With these 6 home activities you will never be bored

© Editors Marie Claire You won't be bored for a moment with these 6 home activities

To break the curve and contain the coronavirus as soon as possible, it is better if we all stay at home. To make sure you are not bored, we have listed six activities for you.


1. Master chef

Bring out your cookbooks, because now you have all the time to make that one difficult dish. Should something be on the fire for a long time? Perfect! You now have plenty of time to do this. And who knows, a real master chef may come up in you. Did you know that it is currently a trend to create your own dishes (with everything you have in house)? Enough challenges!

2. Home Cinema Slide everything aside, put mattresses and pillows on the floor, make popcorn yourself and light some candles. Order pizza (while it's still possible) and you're good to go for a perfect movie night. Now you can finally have that Harry Potter movie marathon or binge your favorite series, without feeling guilty.

Tip: if you have a beamer, hang up a white sheet and stream a nice movie there (for a real cinema effect).

3. Train yourself

Many free online courses are offered. Handy and fun if you want to teach yourself something. For example, Free Code Camp offers several free online courses from universities such as Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia and Pennsylvania.

4. Create a travel book

Holidu, the search engine for holiday homes, has the perfect solution if you already miss traveling. Time to bring out old photos and turn them into an online photo book. This way you relive the journey a little bit again.

5. Make your own cocktails

Now that all catering establishments are closed, it's time you learned how to make your favorite cocktail. Find the recipes and get started. We bet you will be a star in making an Espresso Martini, Moscow Mule and a classic Mojito?

6. Home makeover

Now that you have plenty of time, you better use this. Is your bedroom ready for a makeover? A lick of paint already works wonders. Or replace your old pillowcases on the sofa with new ones with a nice color. This way you ensure that you are in a 'new' environment.