With these 7 tips your flight will be much more pleasant

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With these 7 tips your flight will be much more pleasant

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Are you going to have a nice holiday abroad soon, but are you afraid of the flight? These tips ensure a pleasant flight. So you can go on holiday with a relaxed feeling and the holiday fun already starts on the plane! Especially with long flights, but certainly also with short flights, a lot of irritations can arise. Of course it is also not nice if you are just reading, and the person in front of you suddenly takes the seat back. With a bit of bad luck, the wine will still go over your book and you will feel annoyed. Other irritations such as miserable food, a phone without a battery or noise are also common on the plane. But what are the ways to prevent this kind of hassle?

1. After boarding, introduce yourself to the person in front of you

This will prevent the aforementioned situation and who knows you might meet an acquaintance or colleague!

2. Imagine, after getting in, also to the person behind you

Being kicked in the back by the person behind you is of course not nice at all. Making a short chat at the beginning does not completely prevent this, but the chance is much smaller.

3. Tell about your children

As you try to keep your baby quiet, you hear excessive sighs all around you and you smell the irritation. Tell them that the child has no idea what is happening, how long the flight lasts, let alone that the baby knows about popping ears.

4. Bring your own food

With all due respect to the aircraft staff, but aircraft food is not exactly known for its quality. If you bring your own food it is often fresher, and then you can decide for yourself what you eat. Please note that no liquids are allowed through customs, so unfortunately you cannot take any soup with you.

5. Take a power bank with you

It's nice when you board the plane with charged devices, but that's not always the case. And there is nothing more annoying than having to be bored on a flight and that you cannot sleep either. Hence it is always handy to have a power bank with you. When purchasing a power bank, pay attention to the number of mAh, the more mAh, the more you can charge.

6. Listen to a podcast

In case you don't bring a crying baby yourself, but someone else does, that can of course be annoying. What could be nicer than listening to a podcast? You can close your eyes, have listening pleasure and also update your knowledge about something that interests you!

7. Relax

During a flight you are your greatest enemy. You will always love people around you who insist on boarding, who do not have the most friendly scent or who take up too much space. Try to accept it, keep a cool head and relax. Pleasant flight desired!

Source: ANP