With these 7 tricks your hair grows faster

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

With these 7 tricks your hair grows faster

© Editorial Marie Claire With these 7 tricks your hair grows faster

Have you recently visited the hairdresser and regretted your short haircut? We list a few tricks that should promote your hair growth. Your hair will not grow drastically in a few days, this will happen gradually. Patience is rewarded!

Tips and tricks

1. Embrace conditioner

Hair dye and flat iron make your hair thinner. Use conditioner to replace proteins and lipids that gradually diminish from the inside of the hair shaft. This makes your hair look brighter again!

2. Apply an oil or mask treatment weekly

Most are enriched with essential fatty acids that strengthen your hair and promote growth.

3. Get a silk or satin pillowcase

It doesn't cause the friction that a regular pillowcase has, so you don't have to detangle your hair so often, amen! You will also notice that you will not wake up with pillow folds printed on your face.

4. Wash your hair with cold water

You may have thought this trick was a myth, but it is really true.

5. Calm down with the shampoo!

So that your hair is stripped of natural oils as little as possible.

6. Eat protein

It is important to eat dishes that contain enough protein, such as eggs, fruit, fish and vegetables.

7. Drink enough water

That makes the hair strong and healthy. In addition, the hair grows faster here.