With these three tips you can get through the holidays a little healthily

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With these three tips you can get through the holidays a little healthily

© Beau Monde With these three tips you can get the holidays a little healthy anyway.

The holidays are almost coming and that means for many people days full of good food and drink. Are you doing just as well, or do you just not want to arrive too much during these pleasant days? Then use these three tips to end the year in a healthy way.

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All other gingerbread cookies and chocolate from Sinterklaas, the Christmas wreaths, the banquet, the snacks, the drinks at Christmas, it can ensure that you go into the new year with a few extra kilos. Do you love all that food so much, but do you still have to wear a tight glitter dress during the Christmas dinner? Then take a look at these tips. Maybe they help you.

1. Planning

When you plan everything a little in advance, you prevent poor eating behavior. Nutritionist Dr. Passler tells about it at the PureWow website. According to him, it's best to ask for some information about the Christmas dinner in advance. 'Try to find out what kind of food you will be served that day. Then determine what you want to go for and what you can leave. So do you know that one girlfriend comes with her homemade, divine brownies? Then take it, but don't fall into the other seven types of dessert. "

2. Water

It is important that you drink enough water during the holidays. That really does not mean that you are not allowed to drink alcohol at all, but drink two glasses of water before taking a glass of alcohol. "This prevents you from drinking too much alcohol too quickly because you are so thirsty." If it is a simple dinner, he believes it is best to take your first glass of alcohol when dinner is served. When you think about the calories it will save a lot.

3. Food

When you think about the holidays, you think about food (lots of food). Of course it is all very tasty and everyone is doing their utmost to prepare all meals, but actually you have to restrain yourself a bit, or at least take a smart approach. For this Dr. Passler one last tip, or actually trick. 'Choose a smaller plate, such as a starter or dessert plate. You often have so much space on a large plate that you take much more of everything. " Actually very simple, but effective.