With these tips you can always sleep in a better hotel room

29 May 2023Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

With these tips you can always sleep in a better hotel room

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Staying a night in a hotel room is still one of the best outings there is. Certainly in the company of a beautiful lady. Still, it can always be better, for example if you are offered a free upgrade on arrival. But can you also ensure that this is always the case? Well, yes, we do not want to pretend that you are guaranteed success with the tips below. But hey, not shot is always wrong.

State special occasions

Let us state first and foremost that we do not want to encourage you to claim that you have another birthday or an important to celebrate an anniversary. But we also don't necessarily want to discourage it. Staff in a hotel are happy to help you celebrate special occasions and so they almost always have something extra for this kind of purpose. This can vary from a free drink at the bar to a room upgrade.

Arrive late at the hotel

If you have some influence on the time of arrival, make sure that it is fairly late in the day. The chance that the hotel room that you have booked is overbooked is greater. Therefore, the staff must give you an upgrade, because otherwise you will simply be on the street. Who knows, maybe you will sleep in a suite or suddenly have a hot tub in the hotel room. Nicely included.

Short stays and middle class rooms

The longer you stay in a hotel, the smaller the chance that you will get an upgrade. One or two nights can easily be moved to another (read: better) room, but a week or longer is a lot harder. In addition, the staff is more inclined to upgrade a middle class room to a higher segment than from a budget room to a middle class. Spend a little more (the difference between budget room and middle class is usually not very large) and with a bit of luck you will live your next visit to a hotel like God in France.