With these tips you will become a pro at home

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With these tips you will become a pro at home

© Grazia These tips will make you a pro at home

Most of us are required to work from home for three weeks or more. But how do you do that without the walls coming at you? These are the best tips to increase your productivity and decrease procrastination.


1. Create a workplace

No, your bed or that cozy couch are not good workshops. In order to work concentrated and productive, you need a quiet working environment. If you have room in your house, set up a separate room (or corner) as an office. That way you can also make it clear to your family that you don't want to be disturbed when the door is closed. Or make arrangements with your family that if you sit there you will not be disturbed if it is really important.

Mentally, an office is also a great boost for your productivity. If you do not have enough space in your home, it is important to arrange a desk or table according to your wishes. Everyone works better in a place that is comfortable and beautifully decorated. So decorate your table with photos and put all your work essentials at your fingertips.

2. Stay in touch with colleagues

Now that you are obliged to stay at home, it is important to keep in touch with your colleagues. Never underestimate the importance of interpersonal contact during your working day. Schedule conference calls via FaceTime or Skype, stay in touch so you know exactly who is doing what. Also, it is also nice to be 'among the people' by means of a bell.

3. Dress up

As nice as it may seem to work in your pajamas, this is a no go for your concentration. Shower in the morning and change clothes, indicating to your brain that you are going from 'sleep mode' to 'work mode'. You don't have to put on your standard work clothes, grab something that is comfortable, but something different than the clothes you got out of your bed with.

4. Make a to-do list

At home you may work in a different environment, but the tasks remain the same. Sometimes you get just more work at home than on a normal day at the office. It's a good idea to make a to-do list every day. That way you can plan better and get more out of your day. Whether you choose a bullet journal, post-its or a list on your phone, a to-do list just makes it much easier to keep an overview.

5. Schedule breaks

Working from home means you can schedule your own (lunch) breaks. However, plan it and take the time you normally spend when you are at the office. Do not eat at your desk, but do something other than work. Take a short walk while it is still possible, do some laundry in between or something else that will make you do something else.

6. Flexible working hours

Working from home means that you can use your hours much more flexibly. One chooses to get up early so they can stop earlier in the afternoon. Others hate getting up and prefer to work a little later. In general, at home you are fairly free to choose when to work. Still, it's important to think about your colleagues who do follow the classic hours.

7. Reward yourself

Working from home is not always easy, especially if you are at home with the whole family or roommates. One day will be more productive than the other. Does not matter. The important thing is that you try to find a balance and that often takes some time. But, reward at the end of the day. Whether this is a get together on FaceTime with your friends, with the children in the park or with a nice face mask on the bench. We need to make the most of it!

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