With these tips you will survive New Year's Eve

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With these tips you will survive New Year's Eve

© Beau Monde With these tips you will survive New Year's Eve

From the prevention of a hangover-tips, how to walk painlessly on heels, to how you can see the clock striking 00:00 without any problems.

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The H van Hakken

Choose the right pair, in the right size. If you have wide feet, pumps with a narrow point are not ideal and you will quickly suffer from pain. Sticking your middle and fourth toe together with medical tape seems to be the solution. Choose heels with an ankle strap for more stability. Wear insoles for extra support. Go for a thicker heel with platform. This gives you height, but is less high. This makes your foot a bit more upright, allowing you to walk longer. Blister plasters. Roll them in, stick your feet full with them and you are guaranteed to get through the evening without pain to your feet. © Offered by Beau Monde With these tips you will survive New Year's Eve

The K van Kater

Nice all those cocktails and bottles of champagne, but the next day you feel the horror that your body have affected. Therefore a few tips:

Eat before drinking and preferably something that contains a lot of fat. This slows down the absorption of alcohol. Avoid things like sushi and rice, these absorb alcohol. The metabolism of alcohol consumes many vitamins. So supplement this to compensate for the loss. Drink plenty of water in between and during the day. Avoid cheap drinks (this makes you get drunk faster), dark drinks (this makes you headache faster) and don't drink too much champagne (the bubbles ensure that the alcohol is absorbed into your blood faster). Skip cigarettes (it has been proven that people get drunk faster with this combination.) Sleep in between. Eggs are the ultimate cat food! So save it for the next day. The combination of acetaminophen and alcohol are enormously bad for your liver and kidneys. Therefore choose ibuprofen (if you really need this of course).

Staying the W van Wakker

Take a nice long shower at the start of the evening. Just before you finish, turn the tap to cold and stay under this for 5 seconds. Sounds very unpleasant, it will probably also be a moment, but this will immediately make you fresh and awake. Take a nap in the afternoon, power naps give you energy and this allows you to stay up late in the evening / at night. Drink cold water occasionally. This gives you a little boost to stay awake. Provide company. Cozy during New Year's Eve, but this also ensures that you have to stay awake. Drink in moderation and do not start too early. Around an hour or 21:00 is perfect.

Last but not least: enjoy, stay safe, and make it a great evening.