Woman goes viral with insane sneaker cleaning hack

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Woman goes viral with insane sneaker cleaning hack

© Grazia Woman goes viral with crazy sneaker cleaning hack

Is there little left of your beautiful, white sneakers and are you too broke for a new pair? Then read on, because the ideal solution has surfaced on Twitter that will make them new again in no time.


A woman on Twitter shared pictures of her Converse before & after sneakers on Twitter. They were extremely dirty and the white color was nowhere to be seen, but after a good cleaning session they looked brand new again. She added: "" I am a miracle worker. "" And there is no word of that. But how?


The good news: you probably already have all the stuff you need at home. '' I rinse the shoes, mix 1: 1.5 baking powder and washing-up liquid, scrub with a toothbrush, then let it in for a while, then rinse it and then put it in the washing machine, add baby powder and finally let them dry ", She explains. Worth a try after you've had a wild night out!

ok rinse shoes, mix 1: 1.5 or baking soda & detergent, scrub w toothbrush, let's sit for a while, rinse , put in washer, baby powder / dry? https://t.co/D5Skp5ha3x

— cat mom (@sarahtraceyy) October 15, 2017

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