You can clean windows here

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You can clean windows here

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You may not have noticed before, but now that the sun is slowly starting to shine a little bit, you can really see how dirty the windows actually are. It is such a household task that you probably hardly ever do, but it has to be done occasionally: cleaning windows. Certainly at the beginning of spring, this is actually part of it. Therefore a quick crash course if you have forgotten or have never done it before.

What do you need? Grab a bucket, puller, chamois, sponge and possibly a ladder. If you still have a stack of old newspapers, these can also come in very handy. Fill the bucket with warm water. Opinions differ a lot about what else to throw at it. On the internet, for example, an onion, rinse aid and car brush are used. In any case, never use too much, otherwise stains or stripes can occur and cleaning only backfires.

How should you clean windows?

Squeeze the sponge and start washing the windows from bottom to top to prevent leakage. Make sure to rinse the sponge regularly. Once you have washed the window, make long strokes with the puller (from bottom to top), which you then dry with the chamois. If there are still stripes afterwards, you can go over the window with a newspaper. Don't ask us why, but this will help against the streaks after cleaning windows. So if you are still busy or have nothing to do, there are many more jobs that can be done during the major cleaning. Just wash everything well for example. Your girlfriend is going to be so happy with you.