You can do this with your old clothes hangers

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You can do this with your old clothes hangers

© Shutterstock Don't just put them in the trash!

Do you have more clothes hangers than your clothes or do your old clothes hangers start to break? Do not dispose of them immediately and first consider the following.

New function

The best option is always to find a new function for your clothes hangers. For example, they can be useful to support a weak plant, your child can use the material to tinker, or you can even use an iron wire hanger to unclog the shower drain.


If you are sure that you really can't do anything with it, first stop by second-hand stores or dry cleaners to see if they can do something with it. Your neighbors or friends might also be able to use them. If there is nothing else to do with it than throw it away, make sure you put it in the right container so that the fabrics can be recycled.