You can get paid to live in a villa on Ibiza

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You can get paid to live in a villa on Ibiza

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Can you come up with something better than sunbathing, lazing around and organizing parties in a villa on Ibiza? We do. How about sunbathing, relaxing and organizing parties in a villa in Ibiza and getting paid for it? So literally getting rich asleep.

Relaxing in a Spanish villa

The owners of the millions of buildings on the famous Spanish island are looking for two people who can afford a salary of that ' n want to stay in their villa for two thousand pounds (equivalent to almost 2,400 euros) per month. Of course you have to do something for it. You must take care of the housekeeping. You also have to do the shopping, cook breakfast and dinner. You also keep the agreements of the owners and organize events in the villa.

Salary plus board and lodging

On the recruiters website you can read that the owners are not there often will be. Certainly in the summer period you will have the kingdom for you alone. You also have enough time during the week to do things for yourself and to explore the island. Your services are mainly counted on during the weekend. You can also spend the salary that is transferred every month entirely on yourself. The owners pay for accommodation and accommodation (in the villa itself or in the apartment on the property). You don't even have to pay for the trip yourself.

Vacancy is still online

Sounds almost too good to be true, but the vacancy is still online. You are expected to have some experience in hospitality, but you can always try to bluff yourself inside. The recruitment agency is overflowing with applications at the moment, but taking a gamble can't hurt, right? Because who doesn't want to live in a villa for a fee?