You can get this style inspiration from your favorite pop culture

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You can get this style inspiration from your favorite pop culture

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And you think that reading comics and watching movies did not do much more than kill time and absorb some aimless entertainment. Nothing is less true! With your favorite pop culture as inspiration, you can suddenly come around quite stylishly. You didn't think so, did you? This way you will start watching your favorite films in a completely different way. After all, style is everywhere.


A mad reporter with a preference for trench coats and brown suits. Two things that we will see a lot next year. You can't have enough blue jerseys in the cupboard and then he also has super stylish friends. A rough-mouthed sailor with beard and turtleneck, the #menswear outfit of recent years. Plus two ever tightly dressed detectives including the most dandy accessory ever: a walking stick.

Darth Vader

The biggest bad guy from pop culture not only has a huge charisma, he shows why monochrome Dressing is still a great way to dress simply and stylishly. Moreover, he has the coolest weapon ever invented. Yes, we are of course talking about the lightsaber. So a plus for accessories.


The reason that mysterious tall dark men are perceived as sexy. Dracula shows why classics are classics. Dark colors with a white shirt, the tuxedo and even the white tie. They all look equally good with the count. Do you go for evening wear? Then take style inspiration at Dracula. Blood on the chin is optional.

Harry Potter

Wool scarves, gray v-neck sweaters and don't forget the striped ties. With this sorcerer's apprentice you can mainly get style inspiration from the sturdy British fabrics he wears. Lambswool, thick cotton and suede shoes. Yes, the British boarding schools of the past have an incredible sense of style.