You can wear these accessories as a stylish man in 2020

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You can wear these accessories as a stylish man in 2020

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A new year also means new trends. With the #menswear culture it is a coming and going of new and old objects that are suddenly in high demand. Oh well, you know how that goes. Due to the amount of clothing and accessories that can be found on the internet and in stores, you can often no longer see the forest for the trees. Fortunately you are not alone now. We once delved into the accessories to see which can and cannot (anymore).

Accessories that can

Maybe an open door, but a watch is almost always allowed, certainly if you wear a modest version. A dress or a diving watch are always good options if you want to wear accessories. Our most important tip remains: keep it simple. Those huge wall clocks on the wrist don't work for a stylish outfit.

We can't campaign enough for the tie. The extremely stylish piece of fabric that hangs around the neck of well-dressed men. You can make a statement with a tie, but you can also complete a monochrome outfit a little further. If you don't have one in the cupboard yet, we recommend starting with a dark blue version. Because it is always possible and you never know when you need it.

Whether you wear glasses because you need one to read or only against bright sun rays - glasses can still be a stylish outfit just one level higher. Our advice is to look at some more classic frames. You will probably be tired of that bright green or sharply angled variant next week. We already. Timeless = stylish. By the way, you really need it, there is nothing worse than glasses without strength.

Accessories that can't

If you wear a simple bracelet you can certainly look very stylish, just look at Jeroen Pauw. We are mainly concerned with the rows of thick beads and giant ropes that we all too often pass by. This also applies to chains. Unless you are a mayor of course, then it is again a stylish addition. As always subtlety is important.

Accessories should be used in moderation, several small things quickly become too much. Learn to appreciate them. You can wear a tie pin or a collar pin, but not both at the same time. If we are talking about excess, we would prefer not to see slip-on slippers with fur on the inside, bags with leopard print or very large logos on caps. Now fur is really ready anyway nowadays and hopefully you'll understand the rest yourself.