You could be more like James Bond with these rules of life

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You could be more like James Bond with these rules of life

© Wikimedia Commons Bond rules

James Bond continues to occupy us, even though the release of No Time To Die has been postponed for the time being. An action hero with humor, who adorns women without problems and is not afraid to break a pot. Although he may still have something to learn in the field of emancipation, there are still a number of precepts that you can easily apply to your own existence. If you keep this on, nothing will stop you from being as cool as James Bond.

Ways make Bond irresistible

This is the most important thing, Bond is a gentleman. Even in the newer films he shows how a British gentleman should behave in company. He gets up when a lady comes to the table and takes the initiative where necessary. It's those little things that make you rise just above the crowd. Charming and elegant are the key words in the way the super spy interacts with others. If he doesn't shoot them at their granny then. Then a completely different kind of rules apply. Good bending, for example.

Never underestimate the power of style

You have to admit that 007 looks good in a suit or tuxedo. Even in his swimsuit, he is still the most stylish individual in the wider area. In short, he knows how to use style to his advantage. That's how it works in real life. You will be amazed how much better you will be treated when you stroll in a suit than when you have taken the sweatpants out of the closet again.

Knowledge is key in these rules of life

the time to acquire knowledge. Be interested in the widest possible range of topics. This way you can always participate and that in turn has a positive effect on point one. For example, before you go to another country, learn at least some basic words and sentences. That way you come across a lot better, because you seem to be directly interested in other cultures.

Bond is a physical masterpiece

You were afraid of this, weren't you? It's just that James Bond (with the exception of the latest Roger Moore utterances) is a pretty physical guy. Whether you have to ski for your life or are in a deadly fight on a train, it's always nice to know that there is nothing wrong with your fitness and physical strength. That little light blue swimsuit is therefore also better. Go into that gym.