You don't do these things in a healthy relationship

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You don't do these things in a healthy relationship

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Although every relationship is different, there seem to be a few things that couples who are in a healthy relationship never do. Although they might want it. Read with me!

1. Removing old cows from the ditch

Arguments and discussions that you have had in the past are, if it is good, pronounced. Leave it at that. Although this may have hurt you enormously, it is a no-go to bring this up again. It hinders the growth of your relationship and you open up old wounds.

2. No Incorrect Apology

"I'm sorry, but you ..." is not a genuine apology. Therefore, learn this 'trick' because it creates a guilt game. Have you been hurt by your partner? Then confront them directly with it. That way your partner will understand you better. Did you hurt your partner? Be open to his / her feedback and do something with it.

3. Blaming your partner

If you can only be insulted to each other and only be negative, it may be time to think about what kind of relationship you are in. Couples in a healthy relationship motivate each other and are positive. Because: you believe in him or her.

4. You talk badly about your partner towards others

Of course, if your partner has hurt you with something or if you want advice, it can be good to talk about it with one of your best friends. But if you constantly talk badly about your partner, you create a bad image, so that your friends will no longer like your partner. Just don't.

5. You depend on your partner

A good relationship is based on two independent people who love each other. You talk about each other's dreams, goals and sometimes you have to make compromises. But make sure that your life is never just about a person you can just leave. That is not healthy.