You keep your house plants healthy through these hacks

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You keep your house plants healthy through these hacks

© Tessa Gorgosz These hacks keep your house plants healthy

We all know it: you buy a new plant for your house or terrace, believing that this time it will be different. But after three weeks, that cute plant is yellow and withered. But with a bit of effort and these handy hacks you quickly have a house full of healthy and beautiful plants.

1. Use coffee grounds as nutrient medium

If you drink coffee every morning, why don't you use the coffee grounds instead of throwing them away? Add it to the soil of your plant. Coffee is acidic, so it will increase the acidity of the soil. This can help to ward off unwanted pests such as slugs and ants.

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2. Use pebbles

If you do not know how much water your plant needs, you can consider putting some pebbles on the bottom of the planter. The pebbles will keep the roots up and remove unnecessary water. This way your plants will not get root rot as quickly, so that you keep them healthy.

3. Do not move your plants

Before you start looking for the right place for your plants, you must first read the care instructions. Find out how much sunlight they need and whether it should be direct or indirect. Once you have found a good place that meets all requirements, do not try to move them.

4. Use boiled water

Sometimes the water from our taps is just not enough for our plants. But adding more nutrients to the water does not have to be expensive. The next time you cook some vegetables or eggs, do not throw away the remaining water. Let it cool and give it to your plants, this way they get all the nutrients and you don't waste water.

5. Dust the leaves.

The next time you are dusting your house, don't forget to give your plants a good dusting. Houseplants not only need their leaves to convert sunlight into energy, but they also 'breathe' through it.

6. Water your orchid with an ice cube

Orchids have a bad reputation, but that is only because people tend to give them too much water. Like other hot weather plants, they do not need much water, but they do need regular watering. By placing an ice cube in the pot once a week, the orchid gets the right amount of water. And, the slow release of the ice ensures that there is no root rot.

7. Use the right soil

All plants have very different needs, and succulents and cacti can be a lot more picky than your traditional houseplant. Because they grow in a warm and dry climate, they also do best in your house in this kind of circumstances. The soil they need is a lot grander and much drier than the typical bag of garden soil. Buy soil made for this type of plant to achieve the best results.