You need so many layers of nail polish

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You need so many layers of nail polish

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Practice makes perfect! This certainly also applies when painting your nails. But how many layers do you need to ensure that the color is opaque and that it stays on for a long time? We have the answer.


Nail expert Gina Alcedo, who has varnished the nails of Amal Clooney, Donatella Versace and Beyoncé, always takes two things into account. How much time her customers have and the nail polish formula. "Usually I decide (how many layers she applies) based on the thickness of the nail polish," she says. This depends on whether it is a syrupy or aqueous formula.

"If the customer is in a hurry or the nail polish needs to dry quickly, I use only one layer. If the nail polish is thick and gives a lot of coverage, you can easily do one or two But if the nail polish has a thin substance, then you should quickly use three layers. "

Two layers

She also has a trick to determine if you have enough nail polish have applied. "The best method for deciding whether you have applied enough layers is to see if you can still see streaks or nail discolouration through the nail polish," Alcedo said. "For most: two layers is enough."

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Text: Marie Claire / Isa Bulthuis

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